Sunday, February 11, 2007

Great Expectations

Our house is covered in wire and video equipment. Matt is every other second on the phone to Greg or Sarah or on IM. As I sit here the bringgg of Greg punctuates each line that I write. We are saturating ourselves in technology and news and busyness, fending off, at least for me, the looming anxiety of the days ahead.

Because face it, we hope.
We can lower our expectations. We can analyze and comment and make predictions and snap at each other. We can push the deadline out—Lambeth, another meeting, another statement, another day.
But in the end, our hearts in our throats, and we hope.

If we didn’t hope, we wouldn’t be paying attention. If we didn’t hope, we wouldn’t be praying desperately. If we didn’t hope, we wouldn’t be reading and commenting. If we didn’t hope, Greg wouldn’t have put up such a fancy new face on Stand Firm.

We hope because in the end God is sovereign, and just and big. And he will do whatever he wants. And based on past behavior we know that God tolerates heresy and sin and wickedness only for a time before he lets his wrath flow down like water. So I say hope. Let your expectations run high. God is in charge.

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