Tuesday, January 07, 2014

we're not going out today

So we're in Epiphany now. The tree was undecorated and hauled out last night amidst squabbling  and crying and general mayhem. Matt roasted a piece of lamb and we distributed the last of the Christmas cookies. 
I had set the table in the usual way as if it was no big deal but Matt was so crestfallen that I put everything away and started again with a cloth and a nativity in the middle of the table.
And some Christmas Baubles. Since we had no frankincense or gold or myrrh.
I'm the only person in the house who is delightedly thrilled that Christmas is over. It was fun and sparkly, but the pine needles everywhere were grating on my nerves and I'm ready to get everyone into their school work.
I prefer the children when they are working on something. They have become dull and entitled and crying whenever they don't have a candy in their grubby fists. It's a pity lent is so late this year because they could really benefit from it now. 
Read in a variety of places that yesterday, Monday, is the unhappiest day of the year as everyone goes back to work and realizes that they have already failed at their resolutions. I think the children would probably agree today. But I'm so happy. First, as Alouicious would so helpfully enumerate, I don't have to go out in the weather. Second, Matt cleaned out the fridge last night so I don't have to.
Third, we're starting out the new year not behind in school. Fourth, I've worked out a comprehensive chore list so that everything is equal again. Fifth, I don't have to go outside. 
Alouicious is much devoted to numbering everything. It's so careful and orderly. We've all gotten into the habit. And now, I must arise and make some kind of gruel so that the children might discover more reasons to be dissatisfied with their poor wretched miserable existences.
Stay Warm!

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, don't tell Matt about keeping everything up until Candlemas! Your table looks beautiful! I just today took apart our advent wreath, and the girls redecorated our tree when I wasn't looking....