Thursday, January 30, 2014

{phfr}:tired and busy edition, and it's still too cold

Today is my Shepherd's Bowl day and it's not a good moment for me to miss any school At All so it's going to be a long possibly tiresome day involving a trip to the store in this hideous cold and pushing the children solidly through the morning so that we have enough time to cook. And because I'm really tired and don't want to deal, it will be Regular Soup with ground beef, chickpeas, tomatoe, curry powder and whatever else.
I don't know if this should fall under 'pretty' per-say, with the hard expression in the eyes. But as usual I think it's really interesting. Especially as Gladys, who drew it, cried no matter what I did yesterday, even when I was trying to be nice. I cannot fathom the depths of her. 
Also, as a nod to Portlandia, observe that she Put a Bird On It.
Had a frenzied attack last Friday and coped with the huge pile of clutter in the Shepherd's Bowl Cupboard at church. This whole area was piled up with just stuff. Put it all away or got rid of it. Feel deeply happy to walk in there now.
I feel better when I actually to make my bed every day but Ashy and Frances figure out when I'm going to do it and then plant themselves down and glare, daring me to chase them out. I blame it on the horrendous weather. 
What more is there to say? Eat your food! Maybe, or, Sit Down! or Don't stab the table with your fork! I also think I said things like, "don't expect to move back home when you grow up! You better work hard and be respectful or you won't have any friends or any job!" I probably went on longer than that.

Happy Thursday! Go read Like Mother Like Daughter!


Anonymous said...

Have you ever considered moving South?
I have personally been spared yoyo kids - they all seem to do really well with scarily fascinating and remunerative careers ----and also self supporting reasonably early--- but I always assumed it would be otherwise and tried to prepare for the worst. They are older now but even so...... regards

Anonymous said...

Out on a limb, but had your iron levels checked recently? That was the reason I was always freezing to death (in England, HAH!) :P But then I used to go barefoot in snow in Bing, so it was more of a switch for me... :) LOVE YOUR DININGROOM! Have I mentioned mine's still green? Even so, found some beautiful beautiful orange velvet w. medieval style paintings of trees and animals which now hangs on the wall. I posted a comment on the artist blog and was blown away to discover they had replaced a serpent from the original wall painting with an image of a unicorn, (& a three headed monster with a stag). Could NOT have been more perfect! O Death, where is thy sting?