Tuesday, January 14, 2014

the domino effect or the twirling cupboard, you choose

Matt took Elphine out to lunch yesterday which could have caused a spiraling disaster of jealousy and woe, had anyone else discovered their whereabouts. I stood around in the kitchen lying. " I don't know where they are. Did you look downstairs? Hmmm. Oh well." Then the boys decided they wanted to play something complicated and difficult that would only be messed up by little girls. So the little girls sat on the kitchen floor just whining and whining. So finally I gave them a plate of cookies and a jug of milk and a little metal Malian pot of warm water with a tea bag in it and they sat around for like three hours eating and drinking and pouring tea everywhere. They kept coming back for more sugar even though they started out with a half a cup. But then there wasn't any sugar on the floor when they were done so I suppose I may draw an obvious conclusion. All the while I took everything out of the Twirling Cupboard (the pantry that has shelves that twirl which seems like a remarkably efficient idea but is really more dark and easy to loose anything you're looking for in the midst thereof) and tried to make sense of to all because every time Matt has gone in to cook anything he hasn't been able to find his cinnamon sticks and has blamed me. Every Time. So I found them. And cleaned out all the dirt. Even though I'd said I would spend the time folding laundry. I didn't do that so I will have to do it today. Which means something else that I was probably going to do will have to be put off for another time. And yet being able to navigate through the Twirling Cupboard will make other parts of the day easier. And that is the way it is. If you do one thing that you know you ought to do, you haven't done something else also important. But that's ok. If nobody whines or blames me, I will battle back the incessant feeling that I'm forgetting to do something important and just twirl in my own dark inefficient way.

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Dr. Alice said...

Love that name! I have a twirling cupboard too. Much better than "lazy Susan." Come to think of it, I don't know who Susan was or why she was vilified in this manner.