Monday, January 20, 2014

happy mlk day

It's so hard not to start every blog post with a weather update....
Maybe because every day in Upstate New York starts out cold and gray except for those in July and August. More so I think because there are so many things to be depressed about and the weather is a nice visual to lay along side each terrible thing that comes through all the various news outlets every morning.

So today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. An important and auspicious day made all the more necessary by the fact that there is still so much work to do to bring rights and equality (and I am a conservative, as you well know, so I don't mean by these words anything that a good 50% of America means by them) to all people in this vast and confused American Landscape. In celebration of this day we have our own governor, Andrew Cuomo, who lately mentioned in a TV interview so everyone could clearly hear him and no one could misconstrue his words, that people who believe that babies (that is, tiny people who nevertheless can't survive without the care and protection of another) shouldn't be allowed to go on living in New York State, likewise people who believe in traditional marriage. They, people who believe that babies are human beings who should not be killed before they are born, should not be permitted to live any longer in New York State.

This is terrible on so many levels but on this day, MLK day, it is even more terrible because the babies that don't survive to be born most often in this country are minority, mostly black, babies. What a legacy we have given Dr. King who gave his life to make a safe and prosperous life for a people with such a tragic and sorrowful heritage. I would say we haven't learned anything. We listen to the speech. We say a lot of nice PC sounding stuff. But when it comes down to it, we don't believe anything we say. 

May God have mercy.
And let me add my faint voice to those who are calling for Governor Cuomo's resignation.


Kat said...

So let me get this straight- Andrew Cuomo, the same person who single-handedly is responsible for the destruction of all usenet when he was NY Attorney General by making it illegal for any internet provider who served NY to carry the newsgroups because on a fraction of them ones that allowed digital uploads, there was pornography (and nevermind all the text only ones, and all the many topics that were being discussed on them) and this couldn't be allowed "for the children", now has stated that if you don't believe people should be allowed to kill their own children, (because if someone else does it against your will, they get charged with MURDER, fetus or not!) they should be drummed out of the state?

Makes perfect sense.

Dale Matson said...

Does the lack of news coverage on this mean that comments by Andrew Cuomo are given a pass? Does he really represent all of New York or just liberals? The politics is bad but there is a much deeper issue here. There is an advancing darkness in this country.