Thursday, January 16, 2014

We All Saw This Coming And We Knew It Was Bad {wstcawkiwrb}

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Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid {ssss}
We All Saw This Coming And We Knew It Was Bad {wstcawkiwrb}
After all the kerfluffle in Virginia last year of an ACNA (that's the group that left The Episcopal Organization TM [see Midwest Conservative Journal] over its apostasy in rejecting the bible and the elevating and celebrating of same sex relationships inspite of what God has so clearly said) rector (that's a fancy word for Main Pastor) first having regular meetings for coffee and prayer and then later going on little organized tours around England with the Episcpal Bishop (that's the person who wears the fancy hat) of Virginia, who, no shock to anyone, married two women together in the Old Falls Church as soon as ever that faithful congregation had been flung out on its ear--after that it is no surprise that the Archbishop of Canturbery would confer special honor on this enlightened and reconciling rector who knows that doctrine and the bible are not so essential as how we all get along with each other. They will know us, you can just hear the muttering, by our love. Love love love. 

Of course the Archbishop of Canterbury wants everyone to just get along. All this division is pointless. It doesn't matter about the Bible, all you mind numbed Neanderthal "Anglicans". What's really important is that we stop fighting and get along with each other. We must reconcile because Jesus ate with sinners.

By bringing in an ACNA rector to preach at regular intervals from the pulpit of Archbishop Cramner who was willing, in the end, to die because of the word of God is a very bold way of saying There Is No Real Division Here. What you all are upset about is a secondary and unimportant issue and you need to Keep Calm and stand and kneel where liturgically appropriate. It's such a clever move. My hat is off to you, your Grace. You've succeeded in making me look like a flapping fundamentalist nitwit, like a divisive dividing divider. Me here with my brick church wall and my northeastern snow covering over the dying and decaying American Spiritual Landscape. Well done. Let's not really talk it out and tell the truth about how bad things really are, about how angry God really is with sin, about how many women around the world are being smudged out in black by a religious system that hates them, about how homosexuality actually kills the soul, about how sinful we all really are. Let's just have another bun and talk more about the weather. It's the Anglican Way and it's worked for a long long time. But guess, what, I'm homeschooling, that is, indoctrinating my children, and so are a whole lot of other people, against this foolishness. And everyone else isn't bothering to have children at all. So eventually it will just end because there won't be any more people to pretend that it's really working.


Dale Matson said...

Nice Article Anne,
I would call the ABC's shenanigans 'cynical cronyism'.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Anne, amen.