Wednesday, October 17, 2012

the season

This Election Season is going to be the death of me. Here we are at 7:30 just now trying to wake up and grope towards life giving elixir ( of milk.....). For the first time in ages Matt and I catastrophically disagreed about the outcome of the debate last night. As far as I can tell he stayed up all night discouraging himself reading NRO who always believe the worst no matter what. I thought the debate went pretty well. Discovered that I don't mind a little blood letting in the midst of the fray (unlike, apparently, all Independents and all Women). Maybe I should watch Homeland.

I went to bed at midnight instead of listening any more to various "Independents" in Frank Lunzt's "Focus Group" (he always wears too much blush) swing wildly back and forth as they convince themselves and each other of totally opposite outcomes in the same breath. Wonder if they get snacks as they watch the debate. Surely they don't sit in that formation for 90 minutes?

Anyway, thinking of putting out a Homeschoolers Guide to Surviving an Election. It would include things like 'How to Lower Your Standards Enough to Meet Them Because You Got No Sleep' at 'How To Read Life of Fred and Surf the Internet for New Polls on Your Phone At The Same Time' and 'How to Convince Your Children That Breakfast Is Not the Most Important Meal of the Day.' I'll let you know how #3 goes later because that's immediately in my future.

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Kat said...

As this Silly Season progresses, I'm increasingly aware of the fact that I have too many non-thinking liberals on my Facebook feed. It's all I can do to not virtually shout at people that they are complete idiots, whom I've known for 25+ years. So far, I managed to only tell one person that she can't have it both ways- either we need to keep Obamacare (which continues forward) and its provisions for "women's health" including forcing religious institutions and/or their insurance companies to provide free birth control for all, OR we need to continue to fund Planned Parenthood. Since all those women health things will be alllll taken care of when everyone has insurance that must cover them, and since they cross their hearts swear that no money going to PP funds abortions, why does Romney "hate women" when he says he'd defund Planned Parenthood? It's just plain common sense, without ever getting into the "rights" and "wrongs" of whether or not the gov't should be paying for birth control!

All of this assumes, of course, that whomever is President suddenly gets these magical powers and can become a Dictator and change laws to be whatever he wants them to be. Since most of the things they are for or against and vow to change are in Congress' jurisdiction, it's all just a lot of empty yammering.

Three more weeks, and then we all can get some more sleep, and lower our blood pressure!