Friday, October 26, 2012

7 quick takes

We appear to be out of cat food. I can tell because the fat black cat sat on my chest all night patting my face and chewing on my hair. I feel very tired and also creeped out.
And that being as it is, I think this is a morning for all the ends of the bags of Weekend Sugar Cereal because I don't think I can remember how to make pancakes or oatmeal or anything.
And then we'll spend the morning practice testing for real state testing. Its such a cliche that every child is different and unique but also true. Alouicious has loved the practice so far. Asks every day if he can do some more. Elphine, upon hitting one question she didn't know the answer to, disolved into a puddle of tears and insecurity and we spent the rest of the time talking together about test taking and whether we would ever be ok again.
Anyway, mercifully, the cord arrived for her laptop so she is back to listening to history, writing stories, and making her own Word Searches. She doesn't really play much any more. All her time is spent trying to make the little red spell check lines go away. Join me in never showing her how to right click.
And join me in praying that Alouicious' Halloween Knight Costume comes in time. May God have mercy on my soul. May God have mercy on me.
Really wanted to dress the baby up at Yoda but figured if I spent money on it, she would hate it and be obstinante, and there isn't really anything better than an angry child in the Bee. So it will be Cleopatra (may God be praised we dispensed with the Warrioress idea), A Knight, Captain America, A Butterfly, A Princess and A Bee. I was going to be Michelle Dugger but I think I'm just going to wear Glady's Wolf Hat.
Providing there's not a hurricane. That sounds fun, doesn't it? Sopping exhausted cold hysterical children up way too late and then work and school the next morning. Yay.

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lissla lissar said...

Our two kids old enough to trick or treat are going as giant squid. Their costumes are staring down at me from on top of the computer. It was requested that I make chambered nautilus outfits for the baby girls, but I am not trying to wrestle squirmy opinionated eight-month-olds into some complicated homemade costumes. No.

Also I refuse to be a cuttlefish. I will wear my nice twelfth century getup plus a wimple or veil or something.

jen said...

#1: Mine likes to play "hard to see" and "glowing orbs of yellow" at night. I've explained to her that she will have glow-in-the-dark green stripes painted on her if she trips me in the hallway again when I'm on a bathroom run.