Monday, October 29, 2012

all hunkered down

The children are supremely irritated because this is Family Movie Night and here we all are, watching The News. If the power had gone out, that would have been cool. Or if we had water in the basement, that would be exciting. But here we are, barely any rain And Still No Movie.

As for me and Matt, we...well, Matt has gotten everything off the floor in the basement and everything out the yard--no mean endeavor in the light of the children throwing everything down wherever they....feel like it, both outside and in. I have only exerted myself to fill our big pots with water, vacuum, bake three loaves of bread and make my bed. And still the weather remains very very calm. Ominously calm.

If we loose power we have a small camp stove to use in a shivering way on our porch, we have candles and flashlights, and we have good insulation. We can take turns holding Fatty Lumpkin to keep warm. And I guess I will have to dig out an actual pen and an actual piece of paper to keep track of things. Hopefully, however, I'll be cheerfully blogging away in the morning.

A safe and prayerful night to you all. Pip Pip.

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Joyce Carlson said...

So how are you this morning? Have been thinking of you and possibly the wind and rain.