Friday, October 05, 2012

quick quick takes

I have now gotten the drift, what with being really slow on the technological end of things, that blogger has been acquired by Google and its name will be changing along with lots of other things--like the format and look of everything. I know this is just one more sign of the end of all things, but in the meantime, am feeling anxious about my little blog. Read some random techy blog that said, 'if you are a serious blogger (Cough) you should own your own...' can't remember the word...platform? website? I guess if I can't be bothered to remember the lingo, I don't deserve to really freak out.
And also, since I downloaded (or whatever its called) the update on my awesome phone (worrying, of course, that this would be the update that obliterated the coolness of my phone because of Apple winning everything in the world) I've been obsessed with the amazing voice search thingamabob. "What do you want to know?" I keep hassling Matt.
"I don't know" he says, "whatever."
"Nightlife in Binghamton" I speak authoritatively into my phone. And then Google perfectly hears my voice and comes up with a total of 5 things going on in Binghamton, this very night. Except that, shock to all our souls, none of them look interesting.
Really wish I was smart enough to think of more things to inquire of Google. Maybe my blog will be ok after all.
Honestly, the distraction of technology fully explains to me why so many westerners are completely uninterested in God. What I don't understand is the atheist who also refuses to own an amazing phone or a fantastic computer or tablet or something. If you don't have Google or Apple giving you meaning in life, and you don't have God, honestly, what do you have?
I suppose you could live vicariously through your children. But that wouldn't have worked out for me this week. Suffered a week of complete and total annoyance from every single one of them. Not a single one escaped standing on my nerves in a regular and exasperating way. Yesterday however, after staying up way way way too late watching the debate and all the spin afterwards, sat down in the school room with a vat of coffee and played solitaire while the children did school. Should have thought of it earlier. I was there, letting the boring boring conversation waft over me, and yet, I was also awake because of the solitaire.
What an amazing debate! As so many have noted, to get through ninety minutes without leaving the room even one time in mortification and embarrassment, What A Gift! Was astonished to read a long article on NRO about how Romney actually prepared. Wow. (You might think I'm being sarcastic but you would be terribly wrong. Never have I been more sincere.)
But also dreading getting through all the rest of the debates this month. As if we didn't have anything else going on, like three birthdays, the Harvest Dinner, and Halloween....gak. Elphine wants to be a Warrioress (her word) and wear a long red dress with chain-mail over the front. Gladys wants to be a butterfly. Romulus wants to be Captain America. He purchased the shield himself and then, ever the defender of freedom and the American Way, threw it really hard expecting to destroy some kind of bad guy. Tragically, he missed the evil villain and struck Glady's face by mistake (or so I was told in the appalling aftermath). Her little eye is purple and black and yellow and some other shades of pain.
And now, I hope you'll go check out Jen because it sounds like I have to break up a brawl downstairs and after that I need finish making some little party food and wrap a present for a lovely baby shower and then vacuum so that I won't be mortified when my friend comes this afternoon and also make the children do their school and clear off my desk and finish gathering Sunday School lessons together and change laundry over and pick out Sunday Clothes and take a walk, probably, and what was that other thing? Oh Yes! Finish my sermon. As a birthday present to Matt, I'm preaching on the Demoniac in Mark for him. Been thinking of all kinds of great jokes. Maybe you could add to them here. Have a lovely weekend!

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