Friday, October 12, 2012

some takes or whatever

Gladys overate and threw up at 3am Wednesday going into Thursday. She came down shouting and hysterical, convinced that she was deathly ill. None of us slept for the rest of the night. Discovered that I can no longer be sleep deprived. It just can't happen. Everyone needs to sleep through the night, no exceptions, not even for being sick.
As I struggled up to cope with the vomit, I discovered that Elphine has moved all her bedding into the cubbyhole in the wall. She's set herself up with blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, and a laptop with The Story of the World on iTunes.
Gladys turns five on Monday. She is turning out to be a complicated little person. She is very fussy about what she wears. She's very fussy about how and under what conditions she can engage in school work. She is very fussy about which spoon she has with her tea in the morning. She is very fussy about how her pony tails are when she has pony tails, or her bun is when she has a bun. She likes her ham sandwich with just ham and cheese and not butter. If you accidentally butter the bread, everything turns out badly. She plans to be a butterfly for Halloween but I think something a little edgier would be more in keeping her with her soul. Not that I have anything in mind.
I shouldn't be blogging. I should be writing my Quarterly Reports pour le gouvernement. Am I  already at the end of the first quarter? Wow. That's what comes of starting in August. Seems we've done a lot of work all these weeks. What a deep eand profound thought.
Should have written them last night instead of watching the VP Debate. Couldn't look at the screen anyway, what with Biden giggling and laughing and talking over everyone. So weird. All the pundits afterward speculating about what The American People want and like just capped the whole unpleasant experience off. Wished I had the evening back as I struggled the baby back into bed. She joined us half way through, chewing on pepperoni circles and spitting them onto the floor like we were in some second rate bar.
It appears to be raining again. Explained to Matt on Wednesday, a day it also rained, how grateful I was that we got out to pick apples on Tuesday. We picked the last apples off the trees at a nice farm with a playground and an amazing view and there was no rain, only sun, and we also managed to get a pumpkin.
"Ew" he said, "I hate it when the sun shines in fall. It should be gray and raining, otherwise there's no point."
How can anyone possibly think this?!?
I have pictures of the apple picking, and of a pork cabbage stew I concocted this week, and of the dog stuck in the couch but they will have to be for another day. Now, blast it all, I'm going to go write those quarterlys. Go check out Jen!

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