Friday, October 19, 2012

seven quick takes

We seem to be getting up later and later in the mornings, one because of the cold, and two because we keep not sleeping. Elphine broke the plug on the laptop she hauls into her cubby every night and so we were confronted not with throw up or bad dreams but an inconsolable ten year old who couldn't go to sleep and who, at 3am clumped down to try to sleep on the couch. Her not sleeping produced not sleeping in Marigold who screamed from ten to eleven in some kind of rage. "She won't let me turn off the light," complained Elphine.
"What is she? In charge of this room? She's not three yet. You're ten. You don't have to do what she says." This seemed a totally novel idea and I have no idea if it will go on to impact our future life together.
Wednesday was Good Shepherd's 112th Harvest Dinner. I sometimes wonder what our children would be like without this dinner. It really defines who they are as people--the acquiring of vast plates of food with no reference to me, the pie, the juice, the army of friends to careen around the church with. Three or four ladies were shocked to find me Not Pregnant. Laughed with them about how crazy it all is.
The Harvest Dinner and then it being our Shepherd's Bowl week totally ruined our school life. Last night, while not sleeping, took a dismal and irrational look at my ability to succeed in life and discovered myself to have failed at everything. Finally read news headlines to make myself feel better. I mean, at least I'm not Brittany Spears. So there's that.

Or Honey Boo Boo. Whatever that counts for. If yo don't think we're in serious civilizational decline, meditate on the phenomenon of Honey Boo Boo and the ubiquitous nature of the Styrofoam coffee cup and start saving for that generator after all.
Maybe feeling more apocalyptic than usual because I just finished Ezekiel and Daniel this week. Can't read Daniel seriously because of The Theatrical Tapes of Leonard Thynn. And also, was so distracted during Ezekiel that came away feeling the book was sort of a mess. Obviously need to go back over it with a concentrated mind.
Wish Matt would preach through Ezekiel.  But he wants to preach through the New Testament before he dies, so he really doesn't have time to take on Ezekiel. Although we're finally going at a break neck speed through Mark--20 verses last Sunday, 20 or so this Sunday. Probably only another year and a half in Mark.
I will say, Sunday after Sunday, I'm so grateful to be married to a man whose preaching I enjoy. In boarding school all the staff took turns preaching and on particularly bad days I would watch the wife of the foundering preacher and wonder what kind of encouraging and helpful feedback she could possibly offer. Would imagine all sorts of possible conversations. I'm such a bad person.

And on that note, I guess I'll brave this rain laden day and see about breakfast. Have a lovely weekend and don't forget to check out Jen!


Sarah Boyle Webber said...

We're not sleeping either, because of medication changes. That is, Marshall and I are not sleeping because Alex is not sleeping, but Miranda happily snores away and gets up at 6 am, wondering why the rest of us are lolly-gagging. Thankfully, my mother, who always arises early, has promised to come tomorrow morning and feed the children so Marshall and I can stay in bed until 8 o'clock.

I'll pray for your insomniacs while I'm up praying for mine.

Kat said...

Honey Boo Boo is not the sign of a serious decline in civilization. You are buying into what the urban based media would have you believe. To them, the worst thing you could be is Poor and Southern. They just LOVE those horrible "Real Housewives" shows and laugh affectionately at the drunken debauchery of Jersey Shore- but OMG, these people have train tracks in their back yard, so they are just lowlifes! I thought it was terrible too (mainly because the Media was laughing at them!) but then I didn't have the remote near me when I was doing something, so didn't change the channel off one of the reruns, and was sucked in to watching a couple episodes. When you actually watch the show, you start to think there might be hope for our Civilization! What they lack in education and money, they more than make up for in common decency, and honest love and respect for one another. And it's those things that are drawing people to watching the show. It's also not that they aren't trying to better themselves- but in ways that have some meaning. The mother has turned down all offers to buy them a big new house in a "better" neighborhood. She says there is nothing wrong with their house or where they live. However, she is putting the money they make from the show into the bank to pay for Alanna's college education! We could use a heck of a lot more examples on TV of that kind of people, and a lot less of ones where "real" people do nothing but get drunk,buy things they don't need, have sex with people they aren't married to, and fight with one another daily!

Julie said...

Kat, with all due respect, I'm glad they're a close-knit family but they're no more TV-worthy or praiseworthy than the other reality show cretins. I saw Mama June and Honey Boo Boo on the Jimmy Kimmel show. The little girl misbehaved terribly and was a brat. Earlier this year, the oldest teen-age daughter had a baby and the middle girl was caught dipping the infant's pacifier in Mountain Dew and giving it to the baby. They give Honey Boo-Boo a drink made of Mountain Dew and Red Bull to perform at the pageants.

This is why they have a show, not because they're admirable. I agree with Anne. That we highlight and celebrate the lowest common denominator and the baser elements of our society -- I don't care if the base elements are sleazy Northeners or colorful Southerners -- shows a civilization in decline. There is something wrong when people who behave badly and lack manners are making millions and well-educated people who want to have a positive impact on society remain poor and are often bullied!

But I absolutely disagree with your self-assessment, Anne. You are a resounding success with your family, the church, your blog, your cooking, and so many other things. You are the sort of mum who should be highlighted by society, not the Mama Junes and Honey Boo Boo children of this world.

Anonymous said...

Here! Here! I think we should begin a petition right now for the newest reality show - Life with the Kennedy's! Growing up in a large family, your blog often takes me back. Can't you see the season finale highlighting the Great Winter Clothes Swap?

Keep up the good work!

One daughter's perspective said...

Agree with Anon!
I am for the reality show called: An Anglican Undercurrent of Love! featuring the Kennedys of course!

Anonymous said...

Anne dear, am desparately trying to notify you that Betty Crocker really has a recipe for Apple/Sausage Pie. Probably can find it on her home page..
If only I can navigate the required non-robot proof page.
Grandmother in SC..