Friday, May 25, 2012

seven boring boring quick takes

Matt and Alouicious are about to go to men's bible study. Alouicious usually calls it Man's bible study. He gets up early and drinks a cup of sugary coffee and then is allowed to have some kind of soda during the study. He goes and eats the massive breakfast over there (church) and then comes home and gets in on the breakfast everyone is having over here. He's usually able to tell me what the text was and what was discussed but mainly its about the food and sugar.
That means that I'm left here with two awake babies who look like they've slept well and would therefore like to do something interesting, like take all the spices out of the cupboard. There's also the remains of the John McArthur sermon on the text from Acts for the bible study gently wafting over me. Its always a bit of a jar, listening to McArthur preaching on Acts on Friday mornings. On the other hand, I'm probably becoming a more mature and thoughtful Christian. Or something.
I pretty well have all my curriculum chosen for the fall. Of course, every time I get another catalog in the mail I go back to my list and make a few adjustments. Unfortunately, nobody seems as excited about it as I am--certainly not the children, and surprisingly not Matt who smiles a pastoral crinkly smile at me when I ask him if he'd like to hear about it.
(several hours later)
Elphine and Gladys got to go sleep at a friend's house Wednesday and apparently Elphine stayed awake all night. I didn't really believe her when she told me this fact, but I guess she was right because she's still asleep at 9am. Far be it from me to wake her up. May she sleep and sleep and be in a good mood upon arising.
My zinnia seeds appear to actually coming up, and some of the pink English daises. And three lonely sunflowers. And a lettuce. But nothing else, blast it all.  Going to pray over all the seeds and shake my fists at some birds.
And also try to complete the Great Clothes Change Over of 2012. I have a ginormous pile of clothes to give away if anyone wants to come look through them before they disappear. But I wouldn't get excited, I'm weeding out all the ruined junky stuff.
And on that note, I guess I should stop this and do all that. Cheerio!


Kevin Seaver said...

"pastoral crinkly smile"--the perfect description. I've got one, too. I've learned to whip out quickly in order to avoid saying something ferociously sarcastic that would cause permanent damage to my relationship with the person in front of me. Next time Matt flashes you a pastoral crinkly smile, you can bet that what's floating through his mind would pose a serious threat to your marriage.

Anonymous said...

With the cheerio lately methinks thou hast picked up elphines british accent