Friday, May 11, 2012

order and balance restored to the universe

Somehow every single one of us have contracted varying levels of a cold. Nobody wants to touch the baby because of all the snot. And I seem to have mislaid my ....what is that part of the body that you try to think about stuff with? Can't remember.

But it doesn't matter because we have a dog!--a small fairly ugly but very cute lap dog.

Basically we found him on a local ebay listing. The person who gave/sold him to us (what is a 'rehoming' fee really) was really nice and also the only person who got back to me of all the different listings I responded to. Actually, I'm pretty sure I didn't respond to his listing. I think I passed over the dog several times and then he must have dialed my number by divine accident.

So, here he is.

He's come with the name 'Panda' which doesn't suit him remarkably well. He doesn't really need a name at all because he's always right at hand, ready to sit on your lap or gaze up at you adoringly or be sat on by a tottering and badly balanced child. But Alouicious would like to call him 'Ash' and Matt would like to call him 'Ashurbanipal' and Elphine would like to call him 'AshurPandabal'. I sort of thought Goliath would be nice.

He arrived with the knowledge of sitting, staying, walking on a leash, playing fetch, and dancing in a tiny circle on his hind legs when there's the possibility of food. He doesn't seem to bark much at all and he doesn't shed and he was deeply cautious and respectful of the cats and so, as far as I can tell, is perfect.

And now I need to arise and make some breakfast because someone is coming momentairly to repair a pipe that spews water all over my laundry room every time you turn on some faucet or other.


Kat said...

The first two weeks after "rehoming" the dog is normally on its best behavior. THEN you get more of an idea of the real behavior. ;) Oh, truly bad habits will show right away, but I wonder where my quiet snuggle dog went to, sometimes. He even chases the cat that lets himself be chased now, and occasionally stands up for himself to the cat who still (after 3 1/2 years) hisses at him at least once a day just for existing.

It sounds like ashurpandabal has ended up just where he was meant to be! :)

Sarah Boyle Webber said...

I have nominated you for an award. Read about it here:

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new family member - and you didn't even have to go through labor this time!