Monday, May 21, 2012

monday morning haze

I'm supposed to be starting the Great Summer/Winter Clothes Change Over of 2012 and rousting us all to work in the garden and do other long neglected tasks. But I'd much rather lie here and fritter away my life reading snippets of things on the internet and petting the dog.

The dog, as can be noted by just looking at him, is a poodle of some variety and wishes to be held or to sit on you all the time. If you, for some stupid reason, stand up, he looks at you with a deep sadness, his eyes speaking to your depths. "Don't get up, sit here for a few more minutes" he says. Because of this foolishness, I have recently wasted quite a lot of time. Meanwhile, the cats sit at a distance and glare with profound contempt and rage. I caught one yesterday and petted her for ten minutes while she growled and hissed at me.
"I love you" I said, "and I know in your heart you love me and some day you will thank me for bringing change and difficulty into your life so that you might grow stronger."
"To whom are you talking?" Matt inquired in the midst of this gentle speech, "Because if it's the cat you're wasting your breath."

So anyway, two children have a well baby/child-visit today, both of them to receive vaccinations. We might all go since its our day off and we like to be all together (hardy har har) and then gather in some food lest we starve to death. And then I really want to saw the legs off another table. Its become kind of a thing for me, making tables shorter. Having discovered this amazing possibility, it is tempting to do it to every table I meet. And then we should remove that poor bird I found two days ago. One of those lovely delicate little brown sparrows (I assume sparrow, but as usual, I'm not rushing to look it up) lay right at the side of the drive very peacefully dead so I thought we might give it a Christian burial. And we will fend off the child who wants to play "The XBox 360". When referring to this device, he lowers his voice and speaks worshipfully, but also, I think, with the hint of a whine.

And by the end of the day, we will be So Well Rested that we will dive joyfully into the week, ready to work hard and build up the kingdom (again, hardy har har).


Lynne Harris said...

love this Anne ... made me smile :)

Kevin Seaver said...

It comes as no real surprise, although I am delighted, to learn that your esteemed Husband poses his questions to you in such a manner as to not end with a participle. A gentleman, through and through.

kathryn evans said...

Sawing the legs of tables sounds like a fine past time. I think I may join you.

Anonymous said...

LOVELY! It made me smile too. I even laughed out loud. Heather Saunders xo

Kat said...

We expected to be growled and hissed at when we brought home the dog, because when we brought home the youngest cat, Her Orneriness growled and hissed at everyone, even her beloved Master (I am just the lowly scullery maid), for 2 solid weeks. Instead, she was saving them up, to devote every hiss in her to That Thing. I talk to her too, and tell her that one would expect, after 3 1/2 years, that she'd figure out he wasn't going to go away, and get over it. Occasionally, we can go an entire week without her hissing at him once. Last week, he forgot his place and growled at her when she approached him and his new precious bone, and she retaliated by trapping him 3 separate times- she sits in doorways or by the water dish and hisses, growls, and swipes at him, to not let him pass. The dog just looks sorrowfully at me, and waits for rescue.

Joyce Carlson said...

Nancy M and I decided that this dog--when people ask you what breed you've got--have a choice between a Perrier and a Toodle. But we lean towards a Perrier which sounds so classy. ME