Wednesday, May 16, 2012


There once were six children all whining
In spite of their mother's insane crying
That they should all stop
Before she went pop
Dissolving into a vague gray shadow of herself...........

I've had this stupid non limerick stuck in my head for two years and I can't finish it or make it into anything. It just rattles around there in the back of my mind. But its a little bit better than Elphine's terrible mother's day poem.

Poppies are red.
Marigolds are orange.
Mothers are sweet.
And so are you.

"Nothing rhymes with 'orange'" I shouted, after laughing for a while. "Also, Marigolds can be yellow. Try"

Poppies are red.
Marigolds are yellow.
Mothers are sweet.
I'm wishing I had jello....
I'm feeling kind of mellow....
My voice is a kind of bellow....
I knew of a little fellow....

 Me embarrassed that I can't write a limerick. Baby Lady Elaine not surprised about it at all.

No use. I'm going to go fold laundry.
Pip Pip!


Kellie said...

"And yet for sweet snacks they kept pining"? That is, if you wanted to explaining what the whining was about, rather than expand on its effect. ;-)

Joyce Carlson said...

There once were six children all whining
In spite of their mother desiring
That they undertake
To give her a break
And try for a change to quit crying