Thursday, May 31, 2012

the pom among us

Yeah, so the dog is still here.
He comes if you shout 'Bonzo' really loudly and hysterically.
He has no microchip.
He has no tags.
He isn't being sought after on Craig's List.
I'm going to see what the paper can do for me today, and the Humane Society has written my message down on a piece of paper, may they not loose it. The next step is posters put up around the neighborhood this weekend.

Meanwhile, he seems to have made friends with everyone and especially likes to sit on the feet of whoever is making dinner, which has wrought much cussing and screaming as both Matt and I end up a mass of contusions from tripping over him in the dinner rush. He's also terribly behaved. He barks at all other dogs, even dogs who could eat him, and goes on barking until you pick him up and scuttle home in shame. He sits in the living room and barks just if he feels like it. He sits in the back yard and barks at the sounds he hears over the hedge. And then he growls when you try to take him inside and he doesn't want to go. BUT all that is worth it to see Matt holding him sheepishly and also walking him round the block, stopping every few seconds a la Cesar Milan to do that SHWEUP bite thing to make him stop barking at everything.

I won't hold him or walk him because I already have a dog. As for me and my dog, we are extremely embarrassed by the behavior of that dog and we stand around and gaze up to heaven as he is forced to sit until he stops barking.

I don't know what the Almighty is thinking. In the meantime, as I move about the house in the daily pursuit of my various and sundry domestic rites, I am followed by the gentle clicking of these two psuedo dogs and a couple of babies, and, in the far off distance, one or two cats who also cannot imagine what the Almighty must be thinking.


Leigh said...

Oh, dear. We once rescued a miniature Pinscher "just until we could re-home him." It took four years. Not to scare you or anything.

Good luck!!!!

Anonymous said...

At least Matt has a little companion now also, to bad you cant remove the batteries as in the puppy I brought you , lol.

Jillian.Marie said...

I've always wanted a pomeranian!! If he's still around in a few weeks when Micah and I come to visit....we can help you out with that.

R said...

The cats will soon realise they were not entertaining enough for blog fodder, and thus the Pom was sent in to 'help.'

Miss you all terribly!