Thursday, June 16, 2011


Why isn't there a hue and a cry (backed up with money from some rich underground lair dweller) for Anglican Women and Mothers to get together for a blogging conference so that we could all meet each other face to face? The Catholics do it all the time. Tisn't fair.

We could meet near some lovely gorgeous beach with a beautiful chapel and pray the hours and eat beautiful food and hear talks from each other (or anyone we might choose to invite).

Jessica could lead Writing and Exercise Workshops.

Kerry could do something on homeschooling and the church year. (Blog Kerri! Blog!)

Jeanne could tell us about how to balance church and family and older children.

Annie could talk about homeschooling, missison, and gardening.

I will sit in the cool shade listening and eating bon bons. What fabulous Anglican Women do you want to hear from or meet?


AmmaKate said...

I'm in!! Would even help.

Melanie said...

I would go!

At A Hen's Pace said...

I'm in too!!! I even want to offer to plan it--we have a beautiful chapel at a conference center right on Lake Michigan with a nearby beach right here in Kenosha, halfway between two major airports (Milwaukee and Chicago). It could be perfect (in the summer, that is).

But I feel like the Little Red Hen's friends who were happy to eat the bread but didn't particularly want to help make it. I just want to come; I don't really want to plan it.

Maybe if we formed a team and divvied up the responsibilities--what a tiring word--it would be doable. It's a great thought, Anne!!

Kerry said...

Oh, the GUILT! :) My poor, poor blog. I'm so in, though, I could REALLY use the inspiration.

Jessica said...

Oh, my goodness. I didn't reply because I was struck dumb with delight at the idea and stayed that way for 24 hours . . . yes? please?

Are you going to teach the How To Be Funny And Profound At The Same Time class?

Ellen said...

Sounds wonderful!!

Amy said...

I would enjoy such a gathering too. I might even talk about my new passion - bringing Jesus to those with special needs. The church hasn't done it so well and it is a worthy mission field.