Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Rain is Raining all Around

Blast it.
And I was really hoping to spend the day sitting outside doing nothing. Now, unfortunately, I have no excuse to avoid the work of the day, which includes adding another coat to my red table, giving the children their weekly Saturday bath, picking out clothes for Sunday, coming up with a Sunday School Lesson, baking banana muffins....what is it with the insane list making? It's like I'm stuck in a loop.

Here it is after coat number three, its much darker now and not shiny at all.
Its impossible to cook dinner without just putting the baby on the counter so she can see and letting her put cups in the sink.
 A little lettuce from the garden.
 Bread before being punched down.

1 comment:

Kevin Seaver said...

That is a very nice looking table you got there. In this shot, you can't even see the fingerprints.