Friday, June 03, 2011

Seven Quick Takes

Solemn Communion got off to a rambunctious and successful start last night. Its been about 5 years since we had enough kids at the right age to do the program to its full. It means 5 Thursday night mediation/instruction times, a full retreat day and a Sunday morning honoring/recognition time of the work they've done. I always forget that 2nd/3rd graders are deeply fascinated with death, hell and Satan and not so much enthralled by the love of Jesus. I always fill my meditations with lovely long thoughts about how much Jesus loves us bla bla bla and have to scrap it in the middle of the hour to deal with just how it was that Satan became So Evil. Which, of course, is why we do the class at this age. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the rest of this month and the time I get to spend with these great kids.
I love this new computer so so so so much. I keep insulting my husband by responding, when he says he loves me, with stuff like 'I love you too and I LOVE my computer.' Just trying to express my deep gratitude but obviously my timing is way off.
After whining about never reading books, I discovered google reader and downloaded O For the Wings of a Dove which I've been trying to read for like 15 years. Its just easier to nurse and read clicking a mouse than holding an actual book. And its cooler because than I don't have to be separated from my computer even for one tiny minute...
So how do you keep a house company ready (because I live next door to the church, my house Has to be company ready all the time, it just does) and tackle a big sorting or cleaning or some such other project? I've tried to keep all the kids outside, I've tried confining them to one room, I've tried "including them in the project" (what a disaster that was), but nothing works. Suggestions?
Maybe I should say what I mean by 'Company Ready'. I mean, you should be able to walk in the front door without breaking your neck or feeling as if you're going to be unwell because of some horrible stench or something else vile.
Gladys is weeping this very second because she wanted "meatballs for breakfast." ??? I haven't made meatballs in about 3 years. Where would she get this idea? What's wrong with sugar cereal with a prize in the box?
I'm speed reading through Job again. Man, how awful are his friends.
"Then Zophar the Naamathite answered and said:  “Should a multitude of words go unanswered, and a man full of talk be judged right? Should your babble silence men, and when you mock, shall no one shame you?"
You know, because, what a jerk, loosing all his family and getting sick and everything. I need to remember this, though, when my first instinct is to deride my husband and children when they get sick.
"What's the matter with you? Does your tummy hurt? Deal with it Bonzo!"
That's what I think in my head.

Have a happy weekend! Go check out Jen!

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