Thursday, February 25, 2010

the snow is snowing all around

The snow is pouring out of the sky. I should have listened to school cancellations just to comfort myself. Trouble is, I really need to go see a doctor, the sooner the better. I've got a profound and unrelenting ear ache and I'm pretty sure its an infection. But I really don't want to drive out in this clearly I'm left with just blogging.

And trying to get through a day of school since we missed so much last week (what with being sick). I seem to remember this sickness theme from the last time I was nursing. Somehow, by mid February, I just succumb to everything.

I'll stop whining and go take some more motrin. Enjoy the snow! if you happen to have it.

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Beth said...

We are, indeed, enjoying the winter weather. In fact, my four kids are outside right now with a bottle of grenadine sirop and some plastic cups, making slushy drinks out of the snow. They're definitely having some fun!

I do hope you feel better soon and get that ear taken care of!