Friday, February 12, 2010


Ok, so I didn't write any of the next installment this week, nor did I blog. BUT, three of five children have rich bubbly colds and we plugged snottily away at memory work all week.

the baby rolled over (in a fit of screaming rage because she didn't want to be on her tummy at that moment)

Gladys stopped calling me 'mommy', started calling me 'mom' for a day, and now calls me Anne. Its the most exasperating and obnoxious thing ever.
"Anne, you need to change me!"
"Anne, the dog is barking!"
"Anne, I need more milk!"
Keep in mind that she is only two. I can't really remember, but I think, at two, Romulus was saying things like, "ahhhhhh, moo muk".
And how do I respond to this tiny autocratic insanity?
"Don't call me Anne. I'm your mother and you can let the dog in yourself."

Every time I try to go ahead on my daily Bible readings, something happens to interrupt me. I appear to be allowed to listen to that day's allotment and no more. Its uncannily weird. I keep wanting to go ahead but someone (I'm going to assume its God) isn't letting me.

And finally,
I don't know what to do for lent. As usual, I'm nursing and so I really can't fast. I'm actually thinking about giving up this stupid little awesome game on my awesome phone because I realized I was playing it and trying to pray at the same time. And when I say "trying" I mean failing miserably.


Carrie said...

G is calling you by your first name? I hope I get to hear it before you cure her!


lois said...

Your thoughts about Fasting...reminds me of the Lent I decided I would fix a Friday meal of plain boiled egg each, a pile of canned tuna on the plate, soda crackers instead of "good" ones...some carrot sticks maybe, don't remember now, but as unappetizing a meal as I could think of and still feed us...what I DO remember still is that the meal turned out to be such a hit I went back to the "same old stuff" the next week :-)

Anonymous said...

When my daughter was 2 she began calling my husband Edward. He told her that was okay but "you can call me something no one else can call me and that's Daddy." The next time she called him Edward he rehearsed the same speech - "don't forget you can call me something that no one else can call me."
She gave him a wry look and said, "Okay, Eddie."