Monday, February 08, 2010

A fridgid Monday Evening

Part Two of our series Leaving Home is up at Stand Firm. Part One is here. We're well on our way into the third part so hopefully we'll be able to finish it this week. I'm going to be taking the hour I usually spend writing here writing on that project, although I do hope to post as best I can. I'm finding the process of writing more and more fun and interesting and its a pleasure to write with Matt, something we've never done before on any scale.

Also, there are several blogs I've been intending to link here and on my side bar, so hopefully I'll get to that this week. Over all we're continuing to pitch headlong through each day. Its 10pm and I can hear the boys singing to each other. And the cat is walking up and down over my legs. And the baby is sucking desperately on her plug trying to go to sleep.


lois said...

Hi Anne...1st I read your sermon while nursing a cold and not wanting to infect anyone in Church...then I finally got to Matt's Chap. I've just finished Chap. 2 in lump in throat tears at how good is Our God...and I feel like family...I was clergy wife with little one's too, once :-) Bp. Harte's wife Alice got them ("Sit DOWN!" she said to them :-) shod one AM for me on a Visitation Weekend (coffee hour was at the house and I was running.) And we were on the front edge of the Charismatic rebirthing in the late '60's-70's...and so so many memories, and tears, and thanksgivings are coming to me...for you and yours, and me and mine, and all the good folk God has blessed us with/by/through over the yrs., and we them. Can't wait for the next Chapters, please make as many as you possibly can and then publish so I have a fantastic new blessing to share with friends and family. Thanks to you and Matt and the kids, too...Lois

Joyce Carlson said...

sending you all hugs and I'm leaving the office and going home to contemplate the question of dinner. xo ME