Friday, February 26, 2010

7 Quick Takes

There is SO Much snow and its still coming down at a good clip. Have been thinking all kinds of snarky things like, 'Al Gore must be in town', and 'Praise God for Global Warming' and....well, basically just how much I hate cold weather and that its not that pretty. No one else shares my feelings. All my children are in love with it. Yuck.
Spent Thursday entirely in bed entirely in pain. My left ear has always had something funny about it but usually this sort of thing only happens when I fly. (Maybe its climate change! heh) Amazed to find myself feeling really lonely for my kids, but not so lonely as to assemble them around me. Poor Matt coped with everything and listened to me complain, by text.
'Pain Horrible, require soup' and
'Pain Horrible, please remove child from me' and
'Can't cope with pain, don't you care at all?'
These were just some of my many texts all day.
Am having an increasingly hard time listening to NPR. Offended almost every day. Whatever day Terry Gross was talking about the Tea Party Movement I had to turn it off. Of course, of course the best way to understand something you strongly disagree with is to get someone who agrees with you to explain it to you. Then the two of you can wonder and be amazed that anyone, like a Tea Party supporter, could be so stupid. Turned off Morning Edition just now because of the manner in which they were talking about James Dobson, again with wonder and disdainful disbelief. Oh, and yesterday the evening program had a whole segment about 'Fundamentalist Christians' in Congress and how they have a special house or something to meet in. Its the tone of voice I can't stand, and the stupid questions asked, and the underlying premise. Need to just plug in the ipod in the morning instead of turning on the radio.
Felt angry with MCJ for not posting one day this week. Rely on him to Post Every Day, especially if I'm suffering through trying to listen to NPR.
Had a long two hour showdown with Gladys on Tuesday. She looked me in the eye and said, 'Get me more milk, Anne.'
To which I replied, 'You call me Mommy. You say, please may I have some milk, Mommy'.
She then dissolved into an immediate and sudden tantrum. I shortened the requirement to just 'Yes Mommy'.
'Say Yes Mommy' I said over and over while she screamed.
'Do I have to say Yes Mommy?' She would scream. 'Maggie is in the kitchen.'
'I know Maggie is in the kitchen, say Yes Mommy.'
Round and round for hours while she cried and pointed out unhelpful things.
Finally won.
For Lent Matt signed us up for Netflix so that at night we can sit side by side with our separate computers watching separate movies. Its so cool. I love Lent.
I did give something up, though. I gave up the very addicting game on my phone. So now while I'm listening to the Bible in the morning, I have to play plain old Majong. I'm really loving Leviticus and Numbers. The list of gifts for the consecration of the altar in Numbers 7 is so soothing.

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Laurel said...

I think that sometimes with NPR it depends on the program. Fresh Air seems like something that would be a more frequent offender, though fair enough that all its shows can probably be a little checkered sometimes. ...Up in Syracuse I caught something right after the Haiti earthquake-as-pact-with-devil Pat Robertson comment thing, and they ended up interviewing (for what show I cannot remember) someone from SBTS about it (not the one whose name everyone recognizes, but another guy I'd never heard of), who was just as smart and diplomatic and well-treated by the host as you could ask for, so at least it doesn't happen every time.

I hope you got delicious soup when you texted about it, in other news.

Anonymous said...

Well you made the national news for getting as much snow as we usually get in MN. Hope your ear gets better so you can go outside and make snow angels and snowmen.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anne,
You are so funny. Besides Watch Instantly on NetFlix, I can recommend It does have ads, but they are MUCH shorter and less frequent than those on TV.

I confess to being an NPR addict and get most of my news from that particular source.

Nonetheless, I cringe every time they cover any Christian subject because their biases are even more apparent when trying to explain how people can have faith in anything but themselves.

And I've gone quite off Terry Gross. Ms. Gross has so thoroughly embraced the gay agenda that I can't let it within hearing range of my kids.

I can so relate to your 2 hour ordeal with Gladys. I have an equally spirited (okay, stubborn) child who has taught me to avoid direct confrontations by using thoughtful and calm consequences, neither of which comes even slightly naturally to me. He has also taught me to give him time to think. He simply can't think when we are face to face. So I give him a deadline of say 5-10 minutes to complete the required task and then I leave the room. This works very well for us. Rarely do I have to impose the consequences. And the conflict doesn't leave either of us feeling battered and bitter. Of course this does require that I can think clearly myself. Sigh.

I hope you feel better soon.