Tuesday, February 23, 2010

conversation and a sermon

Alouicious has just made an astounding discovery.
"Why don't we all sleep in here as a family? We all fit!"
As Matt says every morning trying to escape the thronging children, "Its just what I've always dreamed--a cat, a dog and five children in bed. Oh, and my wife."
Clearly a queen size bed is too big. Our pediatrician is right. He says that by child #5 a No Child in the Bed Policy breaks down from sheer tiredness. "You won't be able to do it," he says, "eventually you'll be just be too tired to kick them out and they will overtake you." Like the Mongolian hoards I always add quietly to myself.

Anyway, that's not what I intended to post about this morning. I'm posting Matt's sermon from Sunday. I managed to hear the whole thing and was thoroughly helped. I recommend it to you strongly. And now once more into the fray...


Anonymous said...

If it gives you any hope, they eventually do stop coming in. We tried all kinds of tricks...the 5 am rule ( couldn't come in until the clock said 5:00...also helps to teach telling time!) setting up sleeping bags at the end of the bed...you name it. :o) In the end, they just one day stopped coming in...and that, surprisingly, was a bittersweet day (with each child). THankfully I still have 2 more that aren't out of it yet. :o)
So enjoy that croweded bed...and good luck getting any sleep! :o)
Laura from FL

Sarah Boyle Webber said...

Actually, we bought Miranda a grown-up bed in September so one of us could crawl in with her and the other could keep sleeping. Of course, what was she yelling this morning at 5 am? "Mommy!" But then, we lock her in to her room at night. Except, yesterday, we forgot to lock it and apparently, without waking us, she got up, changed her pants, had a snack and went back to bed and back to sleep. She is a strange little woozle.