Monday, December 14, 2009

A taxing day of worship and study

You can see the poor child has been trying to read the Story of the World vol. 1. No wonder he's exhausted. Also, he screamed for half an hour after church because he was told he was going to be a sheep in the Pageant and his brother was going to be a Herodian guard. Turns out they are now both going to be Herodian guards for a total of three guards and one less sheep. The baby, naturally, is exhausted from sleeping comfortably in various peoples' arms all morning and looking peaceful and angelic.

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Lauren said...

A close-up looks like he's sleeping with his eyes open... Does he do this?

Anne Kennedy said...

I know, its so weird. The baby does it too. It can be kind of creepy.

Jason said...

When I was that age, the sheep was the only part I was willing to take. I guess it suited my personality. I was a very shy and quite child. Clearly yours are not.