Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Poor neglected tiny blog

May the Almighty be thanked that Christmas is finally over. I have to go to the dentist today so Not Only will I be posting fabulous Christmas pictures But Also, you'll be so thrilled, I have another dentist installment, this time from my mother. And, not surprisingly, I've been thinking a lot about 2009 and considering hopes for 2010.

Anyway, here is what everyone is doing (without pictures).
ss I write this, is sitting on the large lou and singing loudly. She sits there a lot, happily and of her own free will singing and shouting. Santa brought her underwear for Christmas and she's learning 1. how to put it on, which is more complicated than you would think and 2. when to wear it, which is more complicated than you would think. Also, on Christmas day we noticed that she is still using a bottle (I know, she's two, how did this escape my notice?). When a child can say, "I don't want that sippy cup. I want a bottle. I'm not too big for a bottle with my nap" the child is obviously too big to have a bottle with her nap.

is getting to be enormous. I tried to feed her in the middle of the night (because that's what you do with new babies) and she had a temper tantrum. Eating at 3 am is apparently not in her plans. Also, her cry strangely resembles the whining of all the other children. I know she can't be whining because she's too young, but it sounds like a fairly sophisticated whine.

has had a rich and bubbly cold for a whole week and a half. He runs around, covered in snot, shouting "For Narnina and for ever!" I didn't miss spell 'Narnina', that's how he really says it. He alternates between playing wildly and then falling asleep on the floor, sword in hand.

has escaped all the illness. He was Herodian Guard in the Christmas Pageant and wore a bow-tie under his breastplate. He leaned lazily over Herod's chair and gazed at the wise men in boredom and conceit. It was fabulous. He has gone from chocolate to chocolate, tracing paper to knight, vast plate of Christmas dinner to capacious cinnamon roll, strength, in other words, to strength.

has seemed to move entirely away from all the playing with her brothers. She spent much of the week holding her new beloved Laura Ingels Wilder cloth doll and reading her four new Laura books. I went into the living room this morning and found her alone, perched over the heating vent, reading to her doll. When attacked by a sword wielding brother she looks on disdainfully or comes to tattle.

I'm hoping everyone will come with me to the dentist. I hate so much to go at all, never mind alone.


Anonymous said...

I used to read beside the heating vent in my bedroom - squashed between my bookcase and wall with the heating vent - just enough room for me to fit - it was the best place to read!

Joyce Carlson said...

I'm confused. There's a look out there that I call "What was that?"

Who do _I_ happen to know with an ingnorable groom and three children?

Puzzled in Kenya.

Anne Kennedy said...

Second Anonymous, I have no idea what you're talking about. Please identify yourself or I will delete your comment.

Good Shepherd Weekly said...

This is interesting. Anne and I frequently check each others' email and we make a habit of checking spam folders just in case we miss something. I know of no email correspondence that Anne has received and not returned. So, either this person has sent an email to the wrong email address (perhaps mine...and I am way behind in correspondance) or the commenter is simply confused.

And, moreover, given the Pageant has just ended it is hard to believe that anyone's children have been ignored since Anne was in contact with all parents and children on a regular basis throughout.

So, I am a little suspicious of this comment right off the bat.

I advise you, Anne, to do what I do with all anonymous criticism, file it in the circular file, delete it, and if the commenter decides to show the decency and courtesy that generally applies to Christian conversation, she may write me privately at lambeth@flash.net.

Matt Kennedy

Good Shepherd Weekly said...

Also, the anonymous commenter seems to be under the impression that Anne, with 5 kids, a new baby, in laws visiting, a Christmas pageant to organize and, at the time, a house full of small people recovering from colds--is purposefully ignoring her. What a strange thing to think. Anne doesn't have time to personally ignore anyone.

Again, running down the list of families with children who were present in church on Sunday, the third day of Christmas, I am growing even more suspicious that this person may not really be a parishioner at all.


Anne Kennedy said...

I went ahead and deleted comment #2. We have done a fairly exhaustive search and concluded that the commenter was not really who she said she was...that is we have done a "fairly" exhaustive search. I invite the commenter, if it turns out that we are incorrect, if she has the courage to speak face to face, to write me and identify herself through my husband's email address lambeth@flash.net. If there is no response, we will assume that the deleted comment was a fraudulent comment.