Saturday, December 12, 2009


Here are my persimmons, ripening to be made into pudding for Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

My British mother makes the best persimmon pudding. I've always preferred it to her Christmas pudding in spite of the the potential of finding a dime. I know, they should have been sixpences but you make do with what you have.

Anonymous said...

BTW, have you tried the very sweet fuyu persimmons? They are wonderful with a texture a little like a tomato but sweeter and persimmony. How they would do in a pudding is another question altogether.

Anne Kennedy said...

I've never tried them. I saw them in the store when I bought these. I momentarily considered buying one but then was distracted by something else. I will make a note on my shopping list this week. Thank you.

deck said...

I am familiar with the traditional Christmas Pudding as my first wife was British (that is another story) and we boiled a few up over the time we were married. However, I have never heard of persimmon pudding. Since I will be off work for two weeks around Christmas, I thought that it might be interesting to make one for a day in the Christmas Season. Can you reccomend a recipe? Is it boiled or baked?