Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Modern Man Wears His Baby

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This sling is the easiest and most comfortable thing for a baby of this size. When she gets a little bigger I have a clever way of tying her on my back. Anyway, this sling is SO WONDERFUL I don't ever mess with the horrible car seat any more--through the grocery store, in church, on a walk (like I would walk in this frigid weather), sitting at dinner, actually cooking get the idea. It was $30 at Target (thank you Very Much A and S).


Ralinda said...

And Matt looks quite manly in that pattern!
Real men love Jesus. . . and take care of their babies.

Teacher Mommy said...

Unfortunately neither of my boys liked slings. It was very sad.

lois said...

My Son & Daughter-in-law are w/ Wycliffe on a sm Island in Vanuatu in the So. Pacific as Bible translators. One and 3/4 yr old Alex "rode" with his wise (I didn't think they could pull it off!)Mom & Dad from birth for many hrs a day as a little one to prepare him for the international travel,long walks & safe living on the beaches encountered in Jungle Life. He ate, slept, played, happily & cried little riding along...never knew anything different so was content almost all of the time and is a very happy toddler now without mishap!

Jill C. said...

I like it! Mine were in a snuggly-type front carrier for months until they got too heavy and then rode in a backpack or stroller, depending upon where we were going. My husband sometimes wore the backpack but never did the snuggly.

(It makes me sad to see babies always surrounded by plastic and carried about in hard seats and such.)

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Slings are FANTASTIC. I loved wearing my babies so much I taught myself how to sew and now sell slings and other carriers. I don't know how mothers of many littles could possibly do without one.

And I love seeing Dads wearing babies. Too sweet!