Saturday, December 19, 2009

Remains of the Day or Left Over Pictures

Here I am reading a Bible Story to the children in the evening. Matt has determined that we will read the whole Bible, not just a children's version, hard as it will be. I believe, in this story, I was struggling through the genealogy that comes right before the tower of Babel. You have to read the genealogy or Babel doesn't make comprehensive sense. This week we are taking a break and the children are watching a Moses movie in the evenings as a special treat. After Christmas we'll pick back up where we left off in Genesis. Check back in a few years and maybe we will have gotten to Deuteronomy.  
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Here Elphine and Alouicious are drinking tea on my mother's bed in the morning. You can see the array of what they have been reading and yes, that is a tea cozy on Elphine's head.  
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Here you can see that Gladys has laboriously and diligently carried a small doll chair down from her room, heaved it onto my bed and is sitting with the rest watching something or other online.  
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This project was made more difficult by the fact that I twice caught her taking this chair downstairs out of her room and made her take it back up. So she had to wait, apparently, until I was not looking before she could get it all the way down onto the bed. I took this picture before making her take it back upstairs again.

This, I think, speaks for itself.  
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And this is one of my all time favorite pictures ever.  
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See you on the other side of Sunday!

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Lauren said...

What a beautiful collection of photos of normal family life! These are the memories that you will cherish when your kids are at the age where they write their own thesis papers...