Thursday, April 23, 2009

Weekend in Review (many days late)

So, I think I had the flu. For a few days I thought it was the worse pregnancy ever (well, it still is that) but turns out I was actually sick. Couldn't even barely stand up. Wept piteously over my cat who has been lying in my closet looking at me with disdain as I keep trying to shove medicine down her throat. She's really not better at all. Think I'm going to try for a second opinion.

Anyway, I had Fully Intended to blog on Sunday evening as we had the most exciting weekend on record for some time.

First of all, on Saturday, we had two funerals. Its moments like this that we're delighted to live only ten steps from the church.
Saturday Evening, Elphine, Alouiscious, a very charming friend and I all went to the Symphony to hear Bram's Requiem.
Here are some of us all dressed up.

It particularly fitting to listen to this Requiem after two funerals. The music was wonderful, and I carefully followed the translation in my booklet and found Bram's exposition of the scriptures to be both moving and comforting. Unfortunately, we were in the very front row and so while the sound was Amazing, Elphine and Alouicious couldn't see barely anything. However, they were golden and quiet and only whispered very loudly a couple of times.

Saturday we celebrated Alouicious' birthday again along with his very good friend who also turned five this week.

An excellent time was had by all, and when the party was over at church, the Real fun began here at home, where several friends came over to play in the back yard. Funnily enough, as all the adults were sitting around catching up, we noticed a young man come out the back door of the church. Matt, without saying a word to anyone, leaped out of his seat, flew through the back door, jumped over the fence, and chased the young man back through the church, into the church parking lot (which was hidden from us and so we found all this out later), down the street to the river, back up onto the main road, where, with the help of two sensible quick thinking men from the church (one of whom helpfully had a motorcycle) apprehended the young man in someone's front yard. The police were called and arrived within minutes and promptly arrested the gentlemen (which is rather too nice a word) who had several outstanding warrants.

Matt walked back home and sat back down in his chair, slightly more rumpled, and resumed his glass of wine. We realized that he had removed his collar but was still wearing his jacket and black clericals and so the young man might not have known he was a minister but might possibly thought he was someone involved with law enforcement, heh. Turns out Matt had seen the young man Saturday evening, while we were at the Symphony, standing in our back yard gazing into someone else's house (a young woman, in fact, with whom he was already emotionally entangled and whom he had been calling obsessively). Matt chased him off then, but when he came back to do it again on Sunday afternoon, it was enough. We've so very grateful he was caught and this young woman will have a break from him. He begged and begged to be let go before the police arrived, but Matt and the other men said that wouldn't be possible, though they would certainly visit him in prison and hopefully minister to his many needs and problems.

Further excitement was had when a police officer came into our back yard to scope out the route and make contact with the young woman. It was certainly one of the Best Birthdays ever, themed and everything (Cops and Robbers or Police Officer Arrives at the Scene) and all the little boys especially were totally thrilled. Elphine now has a list of rules for her room pasted to her wall, number thirteen of which reads 'No Criminals Allowed in my Room'.


Joyce Carlson said...

EEEK! I'm being scared in retrospect.ME

Summersnow said...

Another quiet day in the Kennedy household... :-)


Linda said...

I can't begin to tell you how much I adore you and your blog. "...minister to his many problems and needs . . . "

I miss Emma already.

quirkyskittle said...

If Matt acquires the nickname "Track-Star Priest," you can chalk it up to the junior-high girls, who were calling him that on Sunday, if you missed it. (One in particular crowed, "All my friends' priests are old guys! I'm gonna tell 'em about mine!")

Apparently, if Micah and Ife and I want to win the respect of the youth of Binghamton, all we need to do is go all Usain Bolt on another criminal. So, you know, we'll get right on that.

r said...

Hahahah! I miss Binghamton. That is so awesome, say congrats to Matt for me!


Anonymous said...

Go, Matt! :) Sorry to hear that you'd been sick, I hope you're feeling much improved soon. I've always been told that morning sickness lasts only in the first trimester, but I was sick with it for the full nine months of my pregnancy.

Regarding your cat, has either of the vets checked her kidneys, or if she might have a blockage, given that she might have eaten something when she was lost, that mightn't have been bothering her when you found her, but could have caused an irritation or infection since?

Dr. Alice said...

That was certainly an exciting birthday! I'm glad all ended well. I hope the fellow who was caught will benefit from (i.e. listen to) Matt's ministrations.

Jill C. said...

Now that's entertainment! Wow, I hope next week is not nearly as eventful. Get well and may kitty get well too!

TeacherMommy said...

Ahh--this all explains the lack of blog posts.

It does sound like a five-year-old boy's dream birthday,though. And Elphine sounds eminently sensible to include her ban on criminals in her rules. Would that more young women had the same.

Good health to you and kitty!

Anonymous said...

"Matt and the other men said that wouldn't be possible, though they would certainly visit him in prison and hopefully minister to his many needs and problems."

Ah, let it be more than a blog entry, that Matt+ and others would visit this man in prison and, perhaps, to keep the prison visits quiet from the blog world, so the Lord may see what His people are doing in relative secret.

Anne Kennedy said...

The only way I'd write about it is if it turned out very badly or was very funny. Given that I only blog a few days a week and we do a lot of other things, most of what we do, for better and worse, is seen by the Lord only. But thanks for the advice.