Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Odds and Ends

Gladys has just gotten into my make up and made herself up into a garish and strange looking baby. Got most of it off, for which she was Very Angry with me.

Have my first appointment and ultrasound today.

Kitty much better, though not perfect. Still don't know what's wrong with her.

Been quietly freaking out about swine flu. So easy, while falling asleep, to imagine thousands of people falling sick in the streets of Binghamton. Trying not to be ridiculous about it.

Busy day. Probably not much time for blogging.


TeacherMommy said...

Please tell me you documented her exploits with a camera!

Kerry said...

Swine flu. Me too. Did you ever read Stephen King's "The Stand"...well, I did and it makes me even more creeped out as that is the premise of his whole book...millions of people literally dropping dead from the flu. The whole book isn't great, but the first part discussing how such a thing could happen is pretty intriguing.

Joyce Carlson said...

I'm wishing you'd have a picture of Gladys in make-up too. Not mine of course. Yours.