Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For those of you who often forget to read the Good Shepherd Blog

Please go check out this letter that Matt has just written to Good Shepherd. We finally got word from the Judge concerning the Brennan Estate. Not surprisingly we lost. But the decision was troubling on other respects, and Matt deals with that in the letter. Please do check it out, and please also pray for the Episcopal Church, for the Judge, and for all those who so desperately need the grace and truth of Jesus in their lives.


TeacherMommy said...
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TeacherMommy said...

(Had to delete the earlier comment because of a grammatical error. The horror!)

What has struck me so strongly in all you've been going through is that, regardless of what anyone thinks of your position vs. the diocese's position, the diocese has been acting in a remarkably un-Christ-like manner. The actions of the lawyer only exacerbate this. There seems to be a strong spirit of vengefulness on their part. It's very sad.

Joyce Carlson said...

Hi Anne,
I sent you a message on Facebook.

Kate Martin+ said...

You+, Matt+ and the people of your Church are saints among us.