Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Holy Week

The most important thing I have to do today is run my quarterly report over to the district which I was unable to do on Friday due to the shooting down town. I need to tie something around my finger, I think, because it keeps slipping out of my mind like an errant and forgettable marble.

But then, I have so many things to do I don't know which direction would be most efficacious. So I'm blogging. There are four sermons for the week total, four bulletins, five liturgies to work out in a new space, acolytes to call and encourage, Easter eggs to dye, an enormous pile of laundry to fold, and in the dimly lit recesses of my mind, I thought we might try to do some school. 'It won't be that busy' I said to myself last week. Hmm. Now I'm thinking that the children need some fantastical and wonderful project they can do independently every day while I grind out bulletins and maybe pitch in with a sermon.

Last year I seem to remember making a fabulous Indian Lentil dish last year for Maundy Thursday. This year maybe I'll boil a couple of potatoes and eat them by myself with nothing on them. Did you all know that there's a potluck this Thursday before the service? I didn't think so. So let me be one of the first to tell you that there's a potluck at 5:30 this Thursday before the service and I hope to see ou all there, even those of you who live no where near Binghamton.

Now I think I will vaguely wander off and consider which of all these things to do first.
May God make you more holy this week, and may you all be obedient to his suffering and go to church as often as you are able.


At A Hen's Pace said...

We're doing the same thing--figuring it all out in a new space, and mostly for the first time!

Do you do an Easter Vigil? I'm coordinating ours--just posted about some of our creative plans.

As for meals this week, we are stocked up on frozen pizza! (Wait--are we stocked up? I better check....) And Easter dinner is compliments of my mother-in-law by way of Trader Joe's, she says!

A blessed, crazy Holy Week to you all!


R said...

Woo! POTLUCK! I miss potluck. Wish I were coming...