Friday, April 17, 2009

Everybody Else is Blogging

What is it about Fridays an blogging?
I've been up for hours, hours and hours. Gladys waddled her chubby legs into my bed with her large bottle, pressed her enormous head into my neck and proceeded to beat on me like one of those new fangled cage fights where everything goes and you have to tap out when you've had enough. Couldn't move because I had another child pressed squarely into my back, one on top of my feet, and a large cat sitting on my chest. Matt looked on in wonder and amazement and finally asked if I'd like some hot chocolate before he went to Bible Study (can you believe that I looked at the clock at 3:45am and then looked at his pillow and realized he was already up for the day-crazy). I persuaded them all to go watch Between the Lions while I vaguely read the Bible for ten minutes and then, in a fit of wickedness, abandoned it for an old battered copy of Anne of Green Gables. Finally got up and made everybody pancakes. Its only 9 in the morning, but Elphine has unloaded the dishwasher, she and Alouiscious have cleaned their rooms, everybody is dressed except for me, and they're all gazing at me expectantly, like I haven't done enough for them. I guess I will go clothe my increasingly hippo like body and take them all to the grocery store. By then I'll need a nap. And after that, if I can bear it, I'm going to move all the school stuff into the sun room and try to make a beautiful school space. Or whatever. Maybe I'll sunbathe on the lawn next to the church. Its that warm out.


Summersnow said...

I vote for the sunbathing--your making Vitamin D for two you know :-).

Got me a sunburn yesterday snoozing outside with our new puppy. Puppy had the good sense to lay under my chair in the shade.

Enjoy your day!


Summersnow said...

That should be "you're." Sheesh. Some hs mom am I.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Anne,

Our blessings and prayers flow to you as you incubate baby #5. I am amazed by your never ending energy and the way you school, feed, love, nurture, and inspire your family.

Your proud and loving other mother,

TeacherMommy said...

I sunbathed, sort of, briefly on Saturday. Since then, I've been dodging raindrops.

When, oh when, will Spring actually arrive?

How's the weather over in your parts?