Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tired, Sick

I had several things I wanted to post about today. For example

Matt: How was your day?
A: Well, um, a man came in the door and then he went out again and he left.
Matt: Who was the man?
A: You.
Matt: Oh.

the fact that I made an enormous pot of cauliflower soup using two full heads of cauliflower, green onions, pancetta, a touch of cream, stock; PLUS fancy bread, white bread, banana muffins, biscuits and banana pancakes for breakfast this morning. OH and baby food From Scratch--carrots, pureed and pees, both of which are now in an ice tray in the fridge. Needless to say, baby did not like the carrots. Tough.

that every time I sat down Bander the cat came and sat on me and wrapped his tail around my neck.

But then, at the end of the day, just as I was trying to gear up to muscle all the children into bed I clicked on Matt's email and saw the hated news of Mark Lawrence. And I must say I am utterly deflated. I was so discouraged when KJS was elected, when GC did nothing, when Camp Allen was so soppy and on and on and on. And yet, AND YET each new horror has the power to discourage me utterly. Its one of those tings where you hope against hope that it will come out all right. And of course, as the threads spin, everyone is calling for Fr. Lawrence to be elected again. But when will enough be enough? When? How long will we stare down the broad wide road of destruction until we turn around and walk through the gate? How long? Meanwhile, I am lathering butter on banana muffins and eating my way into the parousia. Good Night.

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