Monday, March 19, 2007

Another Brilliant Example of American Second Rate Journalism

Even before I could choke down my first cup of tea this morning I was annoyed to find, along with Matt, that the Press and Sun has managed to do it again. This is the first and foremost reason why I wouldn't bother to shell out any of my hard earned pennies to receive this paper at home. Bill Moyer consistently and unrelentingly manages to put his spin on a crisis he knows nothing about again and again-from 2003 on. That's right. Poor struggling bigoted traditionalist churches should die as quickly as possible while righteous rights based inclusive denomination should triumph. Now, how can I write an article that will accomplish this necessary outcome.

Trouble is, Mr. Moyer, Good Shepherd isn't the one struggling. We've been growing on a nice upward tick for several years now. Meanwhile, the diocese of CNY has closed several churches, plunged themselves into a serious financial problem, continued to loose membership, and has become utterly directionless. And its not us, as we've said over and over, who are leaving. The Episcopal Church is on the chopping block here. They've got a short number of months to decide what to do. Its fine for Norreen so say, oh, we can't possibly do anything until 2009, but that decision is a Big Unequivocating No to the communion. And the communion will hear it loud and clear.

Yes, surprise, I'm angry. The issues in our church are messy enough without Mr Moyer getting in and stirring the pot. If he's going to bother to do an article, he, like, indeed, the leadership of TEC itself, should stop and discover what it is Christians actually believe, before rejecting it outright.

I will now drink my tea and recover my calm.


William said...

Dear Rev. Anne:

I stumbled across your blog today and just wanted to say "hello" and may God bless you, Rev. Matt your kids and Good Shepherd.

I am a lay leader in a new AMiA parish in Atlanta, GA and used to post in T19 but have gotten tired of the never ending Episcopal arguing. Its a millstone.

Good point about Moyer, the sad thing about journalism anymore is its no longer journalism, its just the agenda of the person writing the piece. I grew up watching Walter Cronkite who was very liberal but it never really came through in the way he did the news. You can be liberal or conservative and be fair, I think, but its a lost art these days.

Another compliment: I enjoy Rev. Matt's writing in the blogsosphere. and just want to say thank you and him for doing so--it blesses people that neither of you may ever know.

I will try to say hello from time to time and we can exchange recipes--for casseroles (no cauliflower, thanks, and church growth hopefully!



Anne Kennedy said...

Thank you very much for the kind words. What sort of casseroles? I think the only casserole I have ever made is Funeral Fish Pie, which, by the way, is worth dying for.

William said...

Rev. Anne:

We do First Sunday Lunch once a month after services as part of striving for Acts 2:42 fellowship. The lunches are "themed," we had a chili cookoff this month, on Palm Sunday we are doing "Pasta Pot Luck" and we've done some awesome casseroles!

So get ready, with a husband three kids one on the way plus a parish to work in I am sure you have plenty of time to cook.



P.S. I enjoy the irony of "an UNDERCURRENT of hostility" BTW, but I think its more of a rip current.

Anne Kennedy said...

re 'rip current'
I do believe you're right. I was trying to think back to a post where 'I was complaining about something. Can you remember Matt? What it was I was mad about?'
Matt: 'That's what your blog is, Anne, complaining.'

Mike said...

I've pastored small-town/city churches. I know how easy it is to stir the pot.

Any idea who Moyer is related to in town or in the church that he should keep a gripe against Good Shepherd?

Anne Kennedy said...

that is a very good point. I had not thought of that. But I'm sure that a little surruptitiously sinful gossip on Sunday in the church kitchen and (gasp) the sacristy will provide me with this information.
Thank you very much