Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Prayers and Thoughts

As many of you know I'm an addicted reader of National Review and National Review Online. When the magazine comes in the mail I irresponsibly stop everything and read it cover to cover and part of my morning routine (and afternoon and evening) includes a long stop at NRO, particularly the Corner.

Anyway, one of my favorite writers, Cathy Seipp, is today in hospital dying of Cancer at what seems to me an impossibly young age. She leaves behind a daughter and thousands of readers and friends around the country and blogosphere. I hope you will pray for her and her daughter today, and if you have a moment, check out some of the things she's written over the past year.


Judith L said...

The blogsphere is a strange place. What a surprise to discover that you share a cyber connection with two people you've never met. Cathy and Anne, two ladies that I read. My prayers are with Cathy and her daughter.

Anne Kennedy said...

It is strange. Noticed the other day that Matt doesn't really need friends. As long as he has his 'online community' he's very happy.

Am praying very much for Cathy. And hitting refresh on her blog over and over. Sigh.