Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Here's what you can do with your "Anglican Communion"

Getting ready for Vestry and Fretting about HOB providing us the 'clarity' we have all so longed for. Still reading various threads. Will post my thoughts when I gather my wits.


truevyne said...

Who are the HOB? Sorry for my ignorance. I'm not anglican.

Anne Kennedy said...

I'm sorry for not being more clear :). The HOB is the Episcopal Church's House of Bishops. I believe it meets a couple of times a year. In this case it has chosen not to meet the requests of the Anglican Communion and is putting the Episcopal Church's place in the communion into jepordy. I'm still trying to make sense of the statement they put out myself. And if you're not Anglican, I relaly wouldn't bother. :) Sorry about the smiley faces. Sometimes it becomes a blogospheric tick.

truevyne said...

Dear Anne,
Thanks for the clarification. I am still interested though I am not Anglican.