Monday, March 12, 2007

Oh the glories of RCI. Matt received this into his inbox this morning. Absolutely made my day.

kelvine kadila
Christian Pentecostal Mission Hqters,
Rue de Triechville,
Abidjan,Ivory coast.
West Africa.

Dear ,
Permit us to inform you that after reading your address in the internet. I became interested in disclosing every thing about myself to you. I am interested in a long term business relationship with you.We are kelvine and.......................


Ann said...

I see you like Terry Pratchett - he is also one of my favorites.

Milton said...

At least they won't try to sell you the Brooklyn bridge! Or will they?

Anne Kennedy said...

As long as I gave them my bank account number. They'll sell me ANYthing.