Thursday, March 22, 2007

more soup

Well, I'm desperately thawing a large completely frozen block of cauliflower soup in a pan on high heat. Matt phoned from church and wants supper AT 4, gasp, so that he can eat something sensible before going back to church at 5 for a full evening. The children are all coming down with a cold, the cats are needy, and I'm in a shady mood, probably getting sick myself. I've wasted the day, instead of keeping house and catching up with phone calls, sitting on the couch covered in coughing children and reading about Cathy Seipp and the work of our bishops. And then, to top it off, I was distracted by the news that Elizabeth Edwards has cancer reoccurring as well. I wouldn't vote for her husband, I'm not even remotely on that side of the aisle but I grieve for their family and will add them to my prayer list. And on top of it all its gray outside and spitting warm ugly rain. So, I will lay all this aside and start toasting buns to go with soup. And gear up for the fight to make my sick children eat it. They, unfortunately, despise cauliflower soup and so will feel ill used and persecuted. Anyway, its lent. It will be good for them.

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