Thursday, October 26, 2006


We've been working on the fettucia in Catechesis for the last month. We are being relaxed with it and taking as much time as we need, which just means that I don't have the next thing prepared yet. 'Fettucia', in Italian, means, I believe, 'ribbon', or, as I've been calling it, 'big long enormous ribbon representing the history of salvation/kingdom of God.' The ribbon is lovingly and laboriously unrolled and we walk along it, wondering and being amazed at God's patience and love and care. The ribbon is so long, how much longer did God prepare and plan for us, how many gifts have been spread over the whole history of the world.
So here is the beginning of the ribbon and you can see us working hard to unroll it in the distance. The ribbon begins in the Bible, which is the best place to find out about what God is doing and has done with and for his people. At the end of the ribbon is a small stretch of yellow and then white for the parousia, or time when God will be all in all.


Micah said...

long may i live?

isn't it much more byronic to die young??

Anne Kennedy said...

Is that what you aspire to? Or rather, is that to which you aspire? Matt suggested you could swim out into the middle of the freezing Chenango. But really, unless you plan to fall in love and die of disappointment, I expect you'll continue to live on a long time.

Pam said...

I am a Godly Play Story Teller and I would love to use the Fettucia is my classroom. Several years ago I did a year learning to teach as a Catechist. Where can I get the lesson and supplies? Personally I would like to merge the two programs taking what works for my students. I have a one room classroom with children from 5 to 13 years old.

Pam said...

I am trying to incorporate the Fettucia lesson into my Godly Play program. Where can I get the materials need to do the lesson? I need everything from the story line to the directions for the ribon.

Thank you,