Friday, October 13, 2006

This is a picture of my world view

In an effort to be properly submissive AND proverbs 31, I am obediently going to school even though it makes no sense, to me, to do so at this time. My husband told me to get this degree, and so I'm getting this degree. Maybe God will let me know why as I go along. So my first class is Bible Interpretation and the syllabus is impossible to understand. We're supposed to go through first and second 'naivete', by which I assume the professor means 'iteration' or 'first try, second try' or something. Then a week ago, the week's homework popped up before my eyes, the first task of which was to 'draw a picture of your world view'. Isn't that nice. Problem one being that I don't know how to draw. I'm learning, but I havne't got very far yet. And second, 'world view'? So this is what my husband suggested as a good option. I think it should go over well. After all, we're only spending one whole day of the four day intensive time covering 'fundamentalism', because that's the gravest threat to the church today. That should be fun for me, holding the Scritpures authoritative in all my antiquated primitivism.


Jill Woodliff said...

At first, I thought I could go with the black and white. But when I thought of Christ, the white invaded the black, and I couldn't figure out how to visually portray that. Then I arrived at a solid white space with a caption of Ps 139:12. I suppose both are right, the black and white being more earthly and the white more heavenly.

Anne Kennedy said...

Hi Jill,

I think she meant the black and white thing as a way of saying that when it comes to biblical truth, the proverbial "shades of grey" are overrated. There is an absolute Good. It, or He, is revealed in the scriptures. The darkness is everything associated with the ongoing but doomed cosmic rebellion against him.


Jill Woodliff said...

I agree the shades of grey are overrated. Another image that came to me was a white circle surrounded by a black rim, as in an eclipse.

God bless,

Anne Kennedy said...

Very nice--I like the black being invaded by the white, or a circle. I'm not trying to say that there is no gray, its just that there's no reason to hang around in the gray, when, say, white is readily avaible.