Monday, October 23, 2006

Did the Airplane Flyer Give You Chocolate?

Home Again, Home Again, thanks be to God. Arrived late last night with baby in reasonably good humor only to spend the night covered in cats needing pats (see picture of youngest cat in repose). The whole four days was good and rejuvenating--the class turned out to be interesting in the end (when we finally got to some content) and the people were full of interesting information--like what kind of saw is the safest for the building of materials, and what brand of canned drywall produces the best puff that can be carved and painted into a tomb. Still vague about the Montessori Method but I now have a list of books to consult to find out. Overall a good week. And now, happily, I am home with a pile of laundry to get through and bread to make and disputes to settle. And chocolate to distribute. E is curious about the origin of this chocolate, "Did your teacher let you have chocolate and gived you chocolate? Did the airplane flyer give you chocolate?" And A is concerned about being sticky, "Is there chocolate in mine face?"

It is interesting to be going to a Catholic school and engaging with that particular 'world view' as the professor would say. Surprised by how much time we spend on the pope and the magisterium. It just doesn't occur to me, as a protestant, to look there for anything. As the days progressed I found these words by Amy Carmichael coming to mind over and over,

"His thoughts said, I have been reading a spiritual book and I am confused and tired with trying to understand.

His Father said, Leave that book and read the Book that thou lovest best; thou wilt find it much simpler."

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