Wednesday, October 11, 2006

So, I'm having, for school, to read a book called Feminism and Beyond: A Theological Reflection for the Next Aeon, by one Loretta Dornisch. I believe she is a Dominican Sister for which she is to be congradulated and admired. However, this book is a rediculous waste of my time. Let me just lift a few precious lines from this inspiring work. "Some Protestants are in the liberal tradition. They believe Christianity must accomodate itself to a scientific world view and to insights from the modern sciences. Christianty must be able to correlate with experience and reason"(82). No really? So liberal protestants believe in science (as opposed to conservative protestants who only believe in God) which helped them "gradually develope readiness for the approval of women's ordination" (83). Because that's the highest good. The Church is supposed to 'develope readiness' for important liberal values--women's ordination, same sex blessings, abortion, the stupification of the next generation. Sister Dornisch probably doesn't know any conservative protestants personally.


Albany Intercessor said...

Words received for Prayer Walk October 15, 2006 by the Christ Church Schenectady, NY, Sunday School. Perhaps they will encourage you.

Psalm 100:2 Word received: Come into My presence with singing and go forth with singing. When the classes go forth to pray and walk, I want them to begin with singing.

Psalm 100:4 Word received: When the class returns (from prayer walking) I want them to give thanks to Me.

Word received: You are walking with my cross in hand. I want you to hold on to my cross as you walk. I want you to know the cost of redeeming the neighborhood around Christ Church. There is no "cheap grace" in this; there is only grace, abundant grace and mercy.

Nyiresanogo said...

How cool! I am going to read this every day.