Thursday, October 12, 2006

sausage, oregano and thyme

Of course, having started a blog and been convinced in my own mind that I have plenty to say on every subject, I’m sitting here in the wreck of eaten lunch and school books and projects, with a whining baby swinging gently at my side with nothing interesting to say. Because frankly, wrestling with my oldest over what sound the letter ‘M’ makes is mind numbing. She insists that ‘M’ says ‘Ssss’ or ‘Q’, but nothing like ‘Mmmm’. Her poor eye is swollen up from some weird bug bite and she is sniffling, but undaunted. Amazingly she loves school, even when we don’t know what we’re doing from one minute to the next. And she boldly proclaims to the neighbors that she is doing it at home, which makes them look at me skeptically and me wonder if I’ve lost my mind. Well, I haven’t lost it, but its numb, blank, void. And so, instead of staring blankly at this page or even tackling the overwhelming pile of laundry or homework, I am going to leave this aside and go make meat balls—gound beef, sausage, thyme, oregano and maybe some garlic and onion.

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