Saturday, October 21, 2006

oh for heaven's sake

It's already Saturday and I haven't posted, my email box is overflowing and I have stacks and stacks of reading I'm still supposed to have got through. For all that the depth of what we're doing is maybe, at best, skin deep, we're managing to keep very busy. Here's my take in the first morning the first session--amazingly, its been about the same since then.

"Its 10:00am and we still haven’t had any lecture or anything. We’ve drawn two drawings, without words, because words would be easy and bad. The first picture is our ‘common expectations in learning’ and the second our ‘distinctive learning’. Now we’re talking about the pictures. What continues to amaze me, should perhaps not be that surprising, is that, in this first class called ‘Bible Interpretation’ we have not read, yet, the Bible. We’ve read a book on feminism, one on the history of the formation of the Bible, one on how to read the Bible. But we have not read any of the Bible. Maybe we’ll get to in the hope that is to come, what, in Catechesis, we like to call ‘The Parousia’. I am pleased that the class is uniformly hostile to Dornisch."
Today we're going to talk about Maria Montessori and take inventory of our personal spiritual lives. Wish I could say more but I'm already late for class!

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