Tuesday, November 26, 2013


We get to have a new furnace today so that will be nice. As for the scene outside the window, I can't think of anything less nice, except maybe chunks of ice barreling down from the sky. Getting the children to consider putting on a sweater and a pair of socks the last few days has been well nigh impossible. They just stand and look at me blankly when I suggest it, and when I command it because we are going outside (you fool!) they whine that they can't find a sweater or socks. And they say the word 'socks' like it is some foreign item they have only read about in the dictionary. And yet they complain of the cold. And complain when I won't let them out because it is cold and they don't have on a coat or socks. It's like being stuck in one of those loops where you say something and then the other person says something unhelpful and so you repeat what you said and then they just repeat what they said and you go on this way for five or so minutes and then by mutual frustration you drift away from each other. Except with children there is no where to go. "Can't they go play in the parking lot?" My mother wished whistfully yesterday. But they can't because it's so cold. And it's only November.

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