Monday, November 11, 2013

monday morning haze

The children are gently squabbling in the kitchen over their vats of sugar cereal. Matt is uploading the sermon and class from yesterday. I'm trying to recover from the day's Bible Readings which included the King of Israel killing all the sons of Ahab, all the friends of Ahab, all the people who ever even knew about Ahab (possible hyperbole but not too far off) and then every single man in Israel who identified as a worshipper of Baal. From thence it went on to the killing of Athaliah. So much violence. Why is the Bible so full of violence? I frequently wonder to myself. But then I run across creeps like this
and I remember that it's a wonder that any of us get to go on at all. God is so merciful to sinners. Better to suffer the wrath of the world than to be standing anywhere near the above man when he suffers the just wrath of God.

Anyway, I'm praying for a week not full of idolatry and violence. Instead of that, a possible library moment today, preferably one where Fatty Lumpkin doesn't pee on the floor in the children's section while Marigold deliberately and methodically removes all the books from a shelf in one section so that we are forced to depart in hurried shame. Then I probably need to cut everyone's hair. For the bishop. Just kidding, obviously the bishop probably doesn't care if the children's hair is properly cut but it's helpful to have a deadline to get things done. Would be funny though. 'Here, your Grace, are my children. Observe their properly groomed hair and the fact that they are clothed.' Hee hee hee. I'm probably the only one who gets that joke. Sorry.

Later in the week is The 113th Good Shepherd Harvest Dinner. Wednesday 5-7. I know the cooks and I highly recommend you all come.

And I have to repair the little flags for the Raised Surface Map which Marigold mangled in Catechesis yesterday. And the jar of 'Polish' was shattered so I have to find a new one. Can I just say, for those of you with small people who are wandering around with nothing to do, Children Love to Polish. And by 'Polish' I mean baking soda and a little water, a sponge cut into little squares, something made of brass, and then a vigorous scrubbing of the item with the sponge and the baking soda, strewing it around, covering everything with white grainy pasty baking soda and then me taking everything home and washing it and polishing it with real polish so that it really does shine. So wonderful and fun. I just love organized religion.

I don't hear anymore squabbling. Only silence. I find that ominous and so I think I will arise and seek a cause for a quiet house in which dwell so many young children. Have a lovely day and Thank You to everyone who has so faithfully and bravely a served this country in times of war and peace. 

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