Thursday, November 21, 2013

{phfr}:blogging when i should be doing something else edition

Look how beautiful my house at home in Africa is right now! Miss it lots. Specially as apparently the temperature is going to fall into the 20s here over the weekend.
[picture by Miranda Jemphrey]
I hope most, if not all, of the many rooms The Lord is preparing for me look like all the rooms in this house. The cool floors, the thatch, the water jars, though not the snakes and termites and scorpions. 
We indulged in a lovely dinner with the vestry and the bishop at a pillar of a local restaurant on Saturday. Here is His Grace having a properly good time.
Why is it that when I consider the word {happy}--a word which, in my soul, I don't really approve of, a word which is rarely applied to me, a word misused and ruined by this culture, what is happiness anyway? Here for a moment and then gone suddenly in a breath--it usually has to do with food. Well...never mind Usually. Always.
This morning I made pancakes but fell short on the subject of milk and was forced into Sour Cream and Apple Cider.
If you are able, I commend you to throw out all your milk if you are setting about to make pancakes. Walk the narrow and luscious way of Apple Cider and Sour Cream. Yea, even I tasted one of these golden orbs (self satisfied delight for finally working that into an actual sentence) though did not eat a whole stack. For, though my soul draws nigh unto the Apple Cider Sour Cream Pancake, yet in my flesh I shall hate myself a whole lot for eating one. Forced myself to eat a bacon soaked egg instead.
Alouicious is turning out to be sarcastic and funny, and to have pretty good timing. Without humor, where would we be? Super depressed all the time that's where.
The garden is dead and dying.
I haven't been out to cut anything back or plant bulbs or anything. Can't face it. It's too cold already.
Also, my desk is a tragic wreck. So wrecked don't even know where or when to begin to cope with it or clean it or pitch it all in the rubbish heap or consign it to the fire that never dies and the worm that goes on forever. Pity, because there's actually a lot of work I'm supposed to do buried in its depth. Praying for God to do something supernatural, or for death.
Probably I'll still be here tomorrow, doing seven quick takes or something.


Rachelle said...

Those flowers at your African home look divine. I want to sit underneath them and read all day long. I'm thankful for pictures like that when the weather near my home is dark and gloomy (like today!).

Jill said...

Is it a bougainvillea, perhaps? It is lovely, whatever it is. Nice to look at on a gloomy, November day, huh?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of happiness...are you familiar with the book by Ellen Charry, "God and the Art of Happiness?" She's a professor at Princeton. I heard her interviewed on Mars Hill Audio and meant to read the book but I haven't done it yet.

I love your latest posts. They help. MM